Critical Linking

This $2.95 Million Dollar Home Used To Be A Library: Critical Linking, March 15, 2019

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Yes, my fellow book lovin’ nerds, this house was a freaking library. It is possible to live in a library. I thought I wanted a house with a library, but guess what I can actually buy one as a house. I made a lot of jokes about living in the library as a small child and also in college, but the joke’s on me now!

This is beautiful. Who wants to pitch in for all of us book nerds to buy it? 


Literary pilgrimages can take many shapes: a tour of an author’s historic home, a day hike to a stirring site, a road trip to relive a beloved story. Love of literary places can also lead to changes in the real world, such as the establishment of museums or organized tours in otherwise sleepy neighborhoods that find themselves with the economic boon of an attraction. Fans might also be inspired to create places that don’t otherwise exist, or transform historic literary places into inspirations for new generations of writers.

Have you ever taken a literary pilgrimage? I have! 


Flatiron Books on Wednesday announced that Keys’ More Myself will be released Nov. 5 through Winfrey’s An Oprah Book imprint. Flatiron is calling the memoir a “360-degree perspective” on her life, from her childhood in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan to her spectacular, Grammy-winning rise.