Critical Linking

Things You Didn’t Know About the World’s Most Amazing Libraries: Critical Linking, June 25, 2020

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“Libraries are one of the most vital and important institutions in any society or community. They safeguard history, culture—democratizing access to information and literature. But there’s more to their physical spaces than the books that occupy their shelves. The world’s most impressive libraries also happen to be home to unique art, artifacts, and unique agreements you might not notice right away.”

Who doesn’t love library treasure?

“Though no one can be sure when public schools, shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, will open again, one school librarian in Virginia is actively making sure her kids have books and reading supplies readily available for the foreseeable future. Kelly Passek, a librarian within the Montgomery County public school district has begun delivering books to her students via drone—and this might just make her the coolest school librarian in the world.”

I’d have way too much fun yelling,Send in the drones!

“Dracula, for its masterful storytelling;The War Zone, for its honest depiction of subject matter both thoughtful and harrowing;
A Simple Plan, for being one of the most thrilling reads of my young life;
The Day of the Locust, for delving into the horror of Hollywood like no oother piece of literature before or since.
After Redditor reddit135 asked the online community, “What’s your favorite book you’ve read and why?” people instantly weighed in with some of the books that left an indelible mark on them.”

Let’s all take a moment to remember how we each first fell in book love.