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These Books Are Cursed, Literally: Critical Linking, April 21, 2020

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“While novels are supposed to bring wisdom and wonder, there are a few books in the world so cursed that one page-flip will leave you with years of bad luck and misfortune. From cursed Japanese poetry and witch’s spellbooks to a deadly novel that kills anybody who dares to edit its pages, the world of literature has a dark side that you couldn’t even imagine. Read on for our top five most cursed books to read at your own risk.”

Would you risk a curse to read a book?

Part of showing our love and support means acknowledging that you are more than the work you’ve produced, but another part, which we’d like to do here, involves helping to celebrate your artistic achievements! We’re so grateful that you have shared your stories with us, and we’re excited to share this list of Own Voices fiction and poetry books by Asian writers, which are all new or forthcoming.

This is an excellent list.

“For the broader public, Alvarez has achieved an elite status (along with Junot Diaz) as the foremost chronicler of the Dominican American experience.

‘Julia Alvarez will always be known for bringing Dominican people to center stage in the literary world,’ said Ramona Hernandez, director of the Dominican Studies Institute at the City College of New York, ‘because her work highlights the realities of Dominicans at home and in the U.S.’”

If you’ve yet to read Alvarez’s novels she has a new one and a must-read back catalog!