Critical Linking

There’s No Getting Over These Differences Between the HARRY POTTER Books and Movies: Critical Linking, March 15, 2020

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“Recently we asked the BuzzFeed Community which Harry Potter movie mistakes really bothered them, and people focused in on all the differences between the books and movies that felt contradictory, confusing, or just pointless. Here are those frustrating differences.”

Why. Weren’t. Child. Lily’s. Eyes. Green!?

“I said earlier that the book itself didn’t matter but there are some reads better-suited to calming anxiety than others. Anything involving a character racing against time or in a dicey situation is too much for me. Some self-help books do as they promise and actually help, but not the shiny-shiny, stay positive types. For me, the best calming books have enough of a narrative to get lost in, some gentle humour and a chance to step into the shoes of someone other than myself for a while.”


“It’s a complex problem. In some ways I am contributing to gentrification, in other ways I am not. I am a black woman who has moved into a black neighborhood, so at least in that sense I’m not contributing. On the other hand, the cost of living is rising and I’m contributing to that. What I’ve tried to do is be mindful of the neighborhood and the culture and the history that I am joining. I’ve joined my block association and I’m trying to participate in whatever activities they’re doing to try to preserve the neighborhood’s character. You have got to become a part of the city for real—in ways that contribute and give back and don’t just take.”

Turns out it is indeed possible to love N.K. Jemisin even more.