Riot Headline Americans Read Nearly 25% More Last Year, According to New Research

The Weirdest Libraries Around the World: Critical Linking, August 18

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To promote easy access to literature, here are a handful of fantastically unconventional book borrowing systems from around the world. Some grow from their surrounding communities. Others rely on trade-ins, donations, or customers, but each one has found its own unconventional approach to free reading.

I want to visit them all.

Tor’s new embargo has been a topic of scrutiny in recent weeks among librarians. On the Public Library Association and Urban Libraries Council listservs, for example, librarians have been pushing for a range of responses, including a letter-writing campaign to Macmillan officials.

The ALA’s appointed digital content fellow on Tor’s troubling ebooks embargo for libraries.

The network just gave the show a full series order for Watchmen, the series based on the acclaimed DC Comics work from Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons. HBO also shared a teaser image, seen above, and the full cast (some of which we already knew).

The full cast is also listed (including Regina King, Jeremy Irons, and Don Johnson).

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