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The Perfect Literary Gifts for Tea Lovers

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I didn’t drink tea until I was in my mid-20s, but the past decade and some change have made me a devoted tea fan. I have a whole morning routine with my cuppa, and I love the ritual there is in making the tea, then enjoying it sip by sip as I wake up. Being a little picky about my tea, I used to pack my favorites from home while traveling, as to not get stuck in the morning without my ritual. So naturally, as the weather grows colder, I couldn’t help but think about fellow tea fans and the perfect literary gifts for tea lovers.

These literary gifts for tea lovers feature a variety of book-themed teas, as well as stickers, mugs, and more treats that the tea fandom will enjoy. Pick up one of the book-themed teas, along with a mug, and you have a great and easy gift.

Of course, if you are a tea drinker, you can indulge yourself with these literary gifts, too. Because why not?

Sweet Literary Gifts for Tea Lovers

You can score these Shakespeare teas in a variety of play-inspired flavors, as well as in mini bags or 50 gram bags. The individual flavors start at under $6, with the option to buy all of the flavors, plus a Shakespeare infuser, for a little over $50.

This “Currently Reading” blend of tea is a creamy Earl Grey, which, tbh, is exactly what I’d be enjoying with a book I’m currently reading. $10.50.

This sticker describes my life philosophy. $3.50.

Not only does honey blend tea sound amazing, look how gorgeous the Winnie-the-Pooh tin to go with it is! $16 and up.

These tea bag bookmarks are fun! $8.

A cute book taking a dip in a tea cup, AKA the perfect magnetic bookmark. $5.

I’m all in on jasmine and bergamot lip balm, the flavor of books and tea. $4.

Love a good love story along with your tea? Why not both? What a gorgeous set of love story–inspired teas. $5.38 each, with options for purchasing a whole set.

I’ll be picking up some Pippi Oolongstocking for the name alone. $18.

I just want to drink tea and read books, too. $20 and up, with color options.

Rock this enamel pin on your favorite tote bag. $9 and up.

You can’t possibly roundup bookish tea gifts without bringing up Alice, can you? Why not enjoy some delicious Alice in Wonderland–inspired tea? $28.

The only fuel you need. $29 and up, with many color options.

The best mug from which to enjoy your bookish tea while you read. $23.

This rubber stamp could be neat used as a way to mark which books are yours when you lend them out. $12.25.

Keep your books safe as you tote them from place to place with this green tea book sleeve. $20.

Books & tea & dogs & feminism tote bag. $15.

Pop a pair of tea and book earrings on with one of the above tea and reading T-shirts and you’ll have a whole theme going on. $14.

Agatha ChrisTea. I can’t stop giggling at the name of this Earl Grey tea. $10 and up.

A pretty stack of teacups will keep your place in what you’re reading. $20, with color options.

The classic C.S. Lewis quote on a metal camping mug. $13.50.

Want some more great gift ideas for literary tea lovers? Check out these book subscription boxes for beverage lovers, steep some literary tea, and some great bookish mugs.

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