The Odd Paraphernalia of the NYPL’s Berg Collection: Critical Linking, July 11

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I'm Not Missing

On the third floor of the New York Public Library, off of a quiet, marble-tiled hallway, is the Berg Reading Room. Mary Catherine Kinniburgh is one of the literary-manuscript specialists in charge of the cache of artifacts, which includes a lock of Walt Whitman’s hair, Jack Kerouac’s boots and Virginia Woolf’s walking cane—all guarded by a buzzer and a strict protocol for appointment-only visits. “You can’t help but be a person in space and time in history, particularly in this room. It’s an opportunity to encounter an object in a very physical way, to generate meaning that transcends the shape of time,” Kinniburgh said.

:Adds to literary travels bucket list: (If you can’t see the article, watch the video here)

One presentation copy to pass through Mr Harrington’s shop was a Frankenstein signed by Mary Shelley to Lord Byron, who was famously part of the party where she first created the story.

It sold for more than £300,000.

Interesting info on the value of signed books.

R.L. Stine, the master of ghoulish, goosebump-inducing kid’s horror, is making a welcome return to comics after his debut last year with the weird and sinister Man-Thing for Marvel. This time around, it’ll be a whole new series of spooky happenings, as part of a wide-sweeping new deal he has with Boom Studios.

Look out for the first one around Halloween (ooooEEEOOOooooh) next year.

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