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The Most Popular Bookish Goods on Book Riot This Year

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If you’re like me, you enjoy knowing what everyone else is interested in or looking at—I suspect if you’ve picked up a bestselling novel, you’re right in that camp. One of my endless fascinations is the behavior of others, and so it’s not a surprise I’m always curious what bookish goods have caught attention.

Here’s a peek at the ten most popular bookish gifts and goods on Book Riot this year. If you haven’t already picked any of these up for yourself, chances are, now you will.

Who doesn’t love something customizable? When it’s a wire bookmark, even better! $8.50 and up.

Speaking of great personalized pieces, check out this solid oak bookend with a vase attached! $49 and up.

Hopefully, these customized book plates keep your books safe and sound in your own library. $30 for 30.

It’s a book! It’s a necklace! It’s a locket! What a fun little book locket! $36 and up.

A nifty tool to help keep your pages open. Grab this wooden thumb page holder for under $10.

The perfect personalized pillow for your reading space. $23.

Simple and perfect are the words to describe these book stud earrings. $17.

You’ll want a book tracker for your journal, your reading log, or any other place you want to see your goals and progress quickly. This digital download is $4.

Then you’ll want to use these book lover pencils for your book tracker (and if you’re really extra, you’ll keep these safe in the vase part of your oak bookend!). $12.50 and up.

This “All books count” enamel pin was sold out at the time of writing, but put it on your wishlist because you’ll want it when it becomes available again.