The List List

The List List #61

at BuzzFeed, 24 Incredible Cakes Inspired by Books

at NPR Books, 5 Great SF and Fantasy Summer Reads

at The Airship, 10 Amazing Cheeses and Their Literary Counterparts

at The Hairpin, Beloved Literary Kids with Deadbeat or Absent Fathers

at Writer Unboxed, 5 Tips for Tricking Out Your Writing Space

at Paste, 20 New Books to Read This Summer

at the Center for Fiction, 5 Books About War

at LitReactor, 3 Essential Books You Should Read in Every Genre

at Mental Floss, 12 Old Words That Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms

at Letterology, 60 years of 1984 Covers

at Barnes & Noble, The 7 Best Graphic Adaptations of Classic Literature

at Open Education Database, 10 Treehouse, Dollhouse, and Other Truly Unique Libraries

weapons of mass instruction



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