The List List

The List List #4

Boy does the internet like a list. And boy, does the bookish internet love a book list. Here’s a round-up of recent bookish lists that caught our attention. See previous installments here

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At Mental Floss: 11 Early Scathing Review of Works Now Considered Masterpieces

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At The Guardian: Top 10 Books About Shopping Malls

At Daily Candy: 101 Books We Can’t Live Without

At Abe Books: 10 Gorgeous Books with Retro Covers

At Publisher’s Weekly: 12 Weirdest Author Deaths

At The Millions, Three Unfilmable Movies That Got Made

At Brain Pickings: 7 Must-Read Books on Maps

At Open Culture: 12 Animated Plays by William Shakespeare

At Lit Reactor: The Top 10 Royal Historical Novels

At Venture Beat: The Top 25 Technology Books of All Time

At Paste: 10 Great Shakespeare Inspired Songs

At Wired: 67 Books Geeks Should Read Their Kids