The List List #12

Our weekly round-up of the best bookish lists floating around the internet.

At So Bad So Good, The 10 Worst Book Covers in the History of Literature

At Flavorwire, 10 Important Lessons from Children’s Books

At Publishers Weekly, Gatsby Dies: A Big List of Literary Spoilers

At Lytherus, Lev Grossman Lists 20 Things Characters Should Do More Often

At The Huffington Post, 7 Terrible Dads from Literature

At The Independent, The 10 Best Coffee Table Books

At Terrible Minds, 25 Things You Should Know About Writing Fantasy

At Flavorwire, Incredible Pop-Up Books for Grown Ups

At BookPage, 15 Doorstop Novels for Vacation Reading

At BuzzFeed, 8 Erotic Retellings of Classic Literature

At Mental Floss, 8 Incredible Libraries in Asia

At io9, Awesome Books to Replace Your Favorite TV Shows

At The Guardian, Yoko Ono’s Top Five Must-Reads

At Bitch Magazine, 100 Young Adult Books for the Feminist Reader

At Johann Thorsson, 3 Excellent George RR Martin Stories You Probably Haven’t Heard Of


At The Art of Manliness, 15 Libraries, Studies, and Reading Rooms of Famous Men (including this recreation of Sherlock Holmes’ study at the Sherlock Holmes Museum)