The IT Movie Trailer Is Here and I Am So Looking Forward To the Nightmares

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I was 13 when I read Stephen King’s IT for the first time. I picked up a mass market copy from the supermarket—its cover emblazoned with an image from the 1990 TV miniseries—and tore through it while on a cruise with my family.

I have since read the book so damn many times I’ve lost count. The binding is held together with packing tape, and pages 553 – 580 have fallen out of the book entirely. They’re now folded in half and tucked into the front of the book, so I can refer to them the next time I inevitably read it. Or rather… IT.

I’ve also watched the miniseries a number of times. I have a copy on VHS, from when my dad taped it. It’s one of the primary reasons we still own a DVD/VCR combo.

But now there is this movie I have been anticipating since 2009, and while remakes usually make me nervous, WELCOME TO MY FUTURE NIGHTMARES:

I am peeing myself with anticipation after seeing the IT movie trailer.

The movie—directed by Andrés Muschietti and written by Chase Palmer, Cary Fukunaga and Gary Daubermanis—is scheduled to be released in September.

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