The Highest Rated Celebrity Memoirs, According to Readers

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New research conducted by QRFY.com takes a look at the popularity of recent celebrity memoirs. The QR experts looked at the Goodreads and Amazon reviews of bestselling celebrity memoirs published in the last several years, averaging the scores they’ve received.

So who makes the list?

The top ten celebrity books are, in order of popularity:

It comes as little surprise to see books by mega stars ranking at the top of the list, including McCartney and BTS, while books which have received significant word of mouth popularity, such as McCurdy’s, also ranks high.

You can peep the full list of 50 titles and their respective ratings below, courtesy of QRFY.com. It is interesting to compare the rankings with the sales of some of these same celebrity memoirs. Perhaps Spare ranks near the bottom not because it’s not popular with readers but because so many readers picked it up–and/or because those readers chose to rate it low on Goodreads and Amazon.

Rank    Book     Author    Rating 
1     The Lyrics: 1956 to Present  Paul Mccartney  4.75 
2     Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS  BTS  4.74 
3     Just As I Am  Cicely Tyson  4.70 
4     The Storyteller  Dave Grohl  4.64 
5     Finding Me  Viola Davis  4.63 
6     Making It So  Patrick Stewart  4.60 
7     Born a Crime  Trevor Noah  4.59 
8     I’m Glad My Mom Died  Jennette McCurdy  4.59 
9     Becoming  Michelle Obama  4.58 
10     Windswept and Interesting  Billy Connolly  4.56 
11   Trejo: My Life of Crime, Redemption, and  Hollywood  Danny Trejo  4.56 
12   Down the Drain  Julia Fox  4.56 
13   We Were Dreamers  Simu Liu  4.53 
14   Being Henry  Henry Winkler  4.51 
15   The Answer Is  Alek Trebek  4.50 
16   Beyond the Wand  Tom Felton  4            4.50 
17   The Mamba Mentality  Kobe Bryant  4.48 
18   Taste  Stanley Tuccy  4.45 
19   Will  Will Smith  4.43 
20  The Light We Carry  Michelle Obama  4.43 
21  Greenlights  Matthew McConaughey  4.40 
22  Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life  Arnold Schwarzenegger                4.40 
23  Billie Eilish  Billie Eilish  4.39 
24  My Name is Barbra  Barbara Streisand  4.38 
25  All About Me  Mel Brooks  4.37 
26  Paris: The Memoir  Paris Hilton  4.36 
27  You Got Anything Stronger?  Gabrielle Union  4.36 
28  Yearbook  Seth Rogen  4.33 
29  Behind the Seams  Dolly Parton  4.32 
30  The Woman in Me  Britney Spears  4.30 
31  Surrender  Bono  4.30 
32  Rememberings  Sinéad O’Connor  4.24 
33  My Body  Emily Ratajkowski  4.22 
34  Going There  Katie Couric  4.22 
35  Mean Baby              Selma Blair  4.22 
36  Thicker Than Water  Kerry Washington  4.21 
37  If You Would Have Told Me  John Stamos  4.20 
38  Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing  Matthew Perry  4.16 
39  Karma: My Autobiography  Boy George  4.16 
40  Love, Pamela  Pamela Anderson  4.09 
41  Honey, Baby, Mine  Laura Dern  4.06 
42  The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary  Man  Paul Newman  4.04 
43  Unfinished  Priyanka Chopra  4.03 
44  Unguarded  Scottie Pippen  4.01 
45  Pageboy  Elliot Page  4.00 
46  Madly Deeply  Alan Rickman  4.00 
47  Spare  Prince Harry  3.99 
48  Have I told You This Already  Lauren Graham  3.97 
49  The Beauty of Living Twice  Sharon Stone  3.90 
50  Worthy  Jada Pinkett Smith  3.87 


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