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The Gayest Books–Inside America’s First Gay Mail-Order Book Service

Jeff O'Neal

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The Gayest Books: Inside America’s First Gay Mail-Order Book Service

It was ultimately Aymar’s idea again to start keeping a list of customers, known in code as the “H” list, who were specifically interested in books on homosexuality. He started sending advance publicity announcements to people on the list, letting them know which gay books they had available and would follow up with them not only to get their opinions but to ask for the names and addresses of their friends with similar requests.

Why Are Elderly Protagonists Having a Moment?

 We live in a youth-obsessed culture, from college-aged founders to the yearly annoyance of the Forbes 30 Under 30 List. At the same time, climate “doomers” present a difficult version of the future that feels hopeless (driven by the truth of climate change, but taking the wrong conclusion, in my opinion). Whatever it looks like, there is a future: many of us will get old and we will continue to have lives full of wacky experiences. Reading books about how older people deal with them fills me with hope.

10 Bookmarks to Beautify Your Spring

Whether you are a classics reader or you prefer fantasy, regardless of how you like your bookmarks (printable or ready-made?), no matter if you’re a sunny day or rainy day type of person…you will find your new favorite bookmark among the options on this list.