The Book Riot Podcast, Episode #115: All the Asterisks

Jeff O'Neal

CEO and co-founder

Jeff O'Neal is the executive editor of Book Riot and Panels. He also co-hosts The Book Riot Podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @thejeffoneal.


The Book Riot Podcast, Episode #115: All the Asterisks

This week, Rebecca, Jeff, and Amanda do a deep dive on GO SET A WATCHMAN and still manage to get to some other news. This episode is sponsored by Scribd, Everything You and I Could Have Been If We Weren’t You and I by Albert Espinosa, and Book Riot Live. Get $20 off your ticket to Book Riot Live with discount code WHEELHOUSE.


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Links discussed in the show:


Hachette cancels tatvertising plans

Follow-up: LGBTQ kids’ books survive banning attempt in TX

Head of PRH Canada sets $100K revenue minimum for new books
Authors United and ABA call on DOJ to investigate Amazon

New books discussed in the show:


Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates


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