Critical Linking

The Best Hotels for Book Lovers Around the World: Critical Linking, January 17, 2019

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by Book Riot’s new literary fiction podcast Novel Gazing.

“Vacations often offer a chance to catch up on our ever-growing stack of books and delve into some great reads. And many hotels are now catering to bibliophiles with cozy libraries, book lending programs and even book-focused designs themed around the literary. Here are some of the best hotels around the world for bookworms.”

I’ve got to believe there’s a more bookish option in Scotland than the Sheraton, but what do I know?

“I just work. I love the work in progress. I love to tell a story. I still write on the same computer in the same place, the same stories. I always start on January the 8th. It’s discipline. If I didn’t have a time to start, I would be procrastinating forever. So nothing changes really for me or for the little circle of my family and friends around me. The rest happens outside, in another place, in another dimension of reality that has nothing to do with me.”

Thank you for your stories, Ms. Allende. 

“Woolever, who worked with Bourdain for close to a decade and co-wrote Appetites with him, has already written about the emotional experience of working on the new book. ‘It’s been a wrenching, lurching struggle to get back to that manuscript, as I grieve the enormous loss of his kind, profane, surprising and brilliant existence,’ she wrote for CNN in 2018.”

Weird, there’s water coming out of my eyeballs.