The Best Bookish Christmas Cards to Buy

It’s greeting card season! After searching the internet high and low, I’ve found a few Christmas cards that will appeal to your bookish sensibilities. Today, I’m going to do cards that you can buy. I’ll be back soon with cards you can make – complete with step-by-step instructions.

Card 1 - Bookish Tree

From Bookish, a UK-based site that sells a bunch of absolutely wonderful bookish gifts. Like these “stationary pegs” from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Don’t worry – they ship world wide.

Card 2 - Booklover's Christmas

Because who wouldn’t want a Potter in a pear tree? Available at Allport Editions.

Card 3 - CityLIght

This seller is currently listed as on vacation, but let’s hope that citylight returns to Etsy soon.  This is pretty awesome for a photo card.

Card 4 - Jane Austen

Another Etsy find, this time from Emmakat.

Card 5- Bronte

The last card was Austen, so if felt right to go with this one, depicting Haworth Parsonage, home of the Bronte sisters. From AmandaAWhite on Etsy.

 Card 8 Bodleian

These beautiful bookshelves are filled with Christmas titles, and the cards they are printed on come from the Bodleian Library. There’s matching wrapping paper, too.

Card 9 - WPA LIbrary

This card is available from the Reader’s Catalog, and is based on the WPA’s Library Project from the 1930s. There are actually several of these types of images floating around. There seems to be one for each month, though not all are easy to find.