Critical Linking

The Best Book Club Questions to Jump Start Conversation: Critical Linking, March 1, 2020

Critical Linking is a daily roundup of the most interesting bookish links from around the web sponsored by Book Marks: A Reading Tracker.

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“So, you’ve started your book club, you’ve bought enough wine to satisfy even your thirstiest pals, plus plenty of cheesy snacks. Now comes the difficult part—shaping your friendly chatter into an elevated, incisive conversation about the book you all agreed to read. That can be a challenge. Which is why we’re providing you with this list of top book club questions that will generate general discussion whether you’re focused on nonfiction, a self-help book, a juicy historical romance novel, or one of Reese’s, Jenna Bush Hager’s or, of course, Oprah’s favorites.”

For those times when book club chat needs a little jump start.

“Then there’s theft, a common problem for libraries both big and small. In some of the most costly cases, these thefts are carried out by dedicated “tome raiders” who target rare books, maps, and documents, normally to sell to collectors. But it’s not always books that go missing: In recent decades, everything from presidential rocking chairs to swords and skeletons have been stolen from libraries across the world.”

Bibles and daggers and coins, oh my!

“A true bookworm knows their books don’t need to be perfectly styled, but it never hurts to give those classic tomes some extra love. If you’re looking for a way to display your beloved novels and biographies, but aren’t a fan of the color-coded look, we’ve got seven great ideas to share. Whether you own hundreds of books or have pared down your collection to just a few favorites, there’s an option below for everyone.”

One of these days I’ll try one of these methods.