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Thank You William Goldman for THE PRINCESS BRIDE

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The Princess Bride by William Goldman cover imageWilliam Goldman was a prolific author, playwright, and screenwriter. He wrote one of my all-time favorite novels and films. He passed away on November 15th, at the age of 87, and as I scrolled through the first articles coming out it struck me that they were praising him for his films—all great of course—but leaving out that he wrote The Princess Bride novel and the screenplay adaptation. Goldman created a story that is a story within a story, magical, fun, creative, unique, delightful, and kind of brilliant considering the amount of people who try to find the unabridged S. Morgenstern version. It’s also a film and novel with some of the most quoted lines in pop culture EVER! In terms of books and adaptations that have had the most impact on me from childhood to now, the award goes to Matilda and The Princess Bride. Both are stories I have visited many times in my life and will continue to. Thank you, William Goldman, for gifting the world with The Princess Bride.