Ten Celebrity Books We Do NOT Need in Our Lives

Did you know that Rachel Dolezal, the woman who last year was outed as a white woman pretending to be black, is slated to publish a book on racial identity, specifically what it means to be a white woman who identifies as black? That got us to thinking: what other books by questionably qualified famous people would we also like to never see? So here are 10 Books We Hope to See Never:

JK Rowling: Complete Guide to Native American History

Jonathan Franzen: Two Steps to Pleasuring Your Lady in Bed

Bernie Madoff’s Easy Guide to Investing

Donald Trump: At Home Tanning and You

Edward Snowden: The Art of Keeping a Secret

Daniel Handler’s Guide to Public Speaking and Awards Presentations

Ted Cruz: How to Make Friends

Matt Damon:  Increasing Diversity in Hollywood and Beyond

Kim Kardashian: Getting by on $100 Dollars a Day

Joyce Carol Oates: Social Media and You

So, what books would you like to see never?

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