Ten Authors and Publishers to Follow on Instagram

Tasha Brandstatter

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Instagram is famous as a haven for food porn, celebs, and selfies. But did you know some of your favorite authors and publishers are also on Instagram? Although not as popular as social networking sites that are more word-based, like Twitter and Facebook (because obvs), a few authors are sharing their sunsets, pets, current reads, and eating adventures with the World Wide Instagram. And even though there are only about a bajillion social networking platforms out there, getting a visual peek into these authors’ lives somehow feels a lot more personal than simply reading a tweet.

Publishers are starting to use Instagram, too, offering a look not just at recent releases, but into the behind-the-scenes workings of the Big 6 5.

Without further ado, here are ten authors and publishers to add to your IGers list:

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Half-face meme of #TheValleyofAmazement

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Amy Tan (@amytanwriter), author of The Joy Luck Club
Tan shares pictures of her family, adorable dog, travels, and people holding copies of her latest release for the half-face meme #TheValleyofAmazement. Also, judging by her Instagram feed, she likes waffle ice cream cones. A lot.


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I have a new hat.

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Erin Morgenstern (@erinmorgenstern), author of The Night Circus
Morgenstern’s Instagram feed is artistic, with a gothic flair (this probably surprises no one). She reads a lot of excellent books, drinks wine and gin, and enjoys shopping for antiques. Well worth following for the hipness factor even if you haven’t read her book.


Fodor’s (@fodorstravel)
If amazing landscape photography or armchair travel is your deal, this is Instagram account for you.


Harper Collins Canada (@harpercollinsca)
Harper Collins Canada instagrams more than just book covers—there are fun author photos, pics of the publishing staff both working and relaxing, and what I like to call “books in the wild” photos: on public transport, in book stores, and in parks.


Jarrett Krosoczka (@studiojjk), author and illustrator of the Lunch Lady series (and you probably also know him from his inspiring TED talk)
Krosoczka’s Instagram account is fun, especially for kids. He shares illustrations he’s working on, event photos, and his apparent fascination with the inner life of Halloween pumpkins.

Jon Krakauer (@krakauernotwriting), author of Into the Wild
Krakauer’s Instagram is pretty badass. It’s filled with tons of amazing landscape shots he’s taken on his mountaineering adventures, as well as images related to his research, like the note written on a piece of bark by Chris McCandless, the subject of Into the Wild, shortly before he died. Krakauer’s Instagram feed is always fascinating and occasionally touching.


Laurie Halse Anderson (@halseanderson), author of Speak
Halse Anderson shares pictures of her dad, pets, author events, and curious things she finds on her travels that you can just tell are sparking new story ideas.


Random House Kids (@randomhousekids)
I like how Random House Kids’ Instagram goes beyond books to share bookish things that pop up around New York City, outfits characters might wear, and movie openings.

Simon and Schuster (@simonandschuster)
Here you can find photos of fun author events. Unfortunately, the account’s not very active and averages only 2-3 pics a month.

Honorable mentions:
Veronica Roth
Jay Onrait
Sarah Dessen
Marcus Samuelsson
Tyler Florence

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