#World War Z

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Here are some novels to read if you want more zombies in your life... or at least in your literature.

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Watch the New WORLD WAR Z Trailer

Zombies! Brad Pitt! Hello, summer blockbuster. Whaddya think?

New Trailer for WORLD WAR Z, Starring Brad Pitt

Zombies, man. Feed your juicy brain with this trailer for the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie apocalypse tale. [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcwTxRuq-uk[/youtube]

Your Top 10 Zombie Invasion Survival Tips

On Wednesday, we challenged you to submit your best zombie invasion survival to enter for a World War Z poster ...

Zombie Invasion Survival Tips

Man, this zombie survival guide poster based on Max Brooks’ World War Z is pretty awesome. So awesome that we talked ...