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The Wonder Woman Comic That Will Offend Everyone

They said what now? Let's hop into the time machine to take a look at one of the most offensive comics in the history of Wonder Woman comics.

Book Fetish: Volume 348—Comics Edition

Bookish goodies for your literary life--the comics edition!

To the Book That Ended My Reading Slump

"I remembered that I loved reading."

First Photo From Wonder Woman Sequel Revealed

Director Patty Jenkins has released the first promo photo from Wonder Woman 1984. Pine Nuts, rejoice!

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Many people have permanently etched this this badass on their bodies with super cool Wonder Woman tattoos. Here's some of the best.

How Spider-Woman Made Me Feel Better About Motherhood

Although I knew she was just a comics character and not real, something about Jessica Drew broke through the pages and gave me comfort.

How I Learned to Love Comics, Even with Multiple Origin Stories

"...it’s not an acceptance of multiple origin stories that has allowed me to love comics – it’s more of a wary coexistence with my cognitive dissonance."

The Erasure of Female Characters in Branded Merchandise

Where's Princess Leia? How about Jessica Jones or Wonder Woman? Oh, exclusively in the women's section. On the erasure of female characters in branded merchandise and why that's bunk.

Female Superhero Movies Are Not “In A Rut”

There are as many female-led superhero movies total as there are Spider-Man movies. The claim that they're in "a rut" is basic nonsense.

9 Awesome Comic Book Coloring Books

Nine of the most fun, totally gorgeous comic book coloring books, from Marvel and DC to Image and webcomic originals.