Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer


The 2016 VIDA Count: A Focus on Intersectionality

VIDA has put out its 2016 Count, breaking down gender parity in the publishing world.

VIDA Count 2015: Breaking Barriers

2015's VIDA count is out, and this year they've focused on intersectionality.

VIDA Counts and Needs Your Dollars

Have a few extra dollars floating around? You might consider sending them to the VIDA literary count.

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The Letter The New York Review of Books Should Have Written to VIDA

Dear VIDA, We received your letter. We heard your rage, your frustration, your despair over the fact that we, one ...

Why Won’t Men Read Women?

Meg Wolitzer says men won't read women. Two rioters discuss the validity of the claim and offer some thoughts of their own.