12 Exceptional Comics About Trans and Genderqueer People

It's high time for a list of trans and genderqueer comics. Feast your eyes on these illustrated wonders and the gender diversity they represent.

Read Harder: A Novel by a Trans or Nonbinary Author

Looking for novels by trans or nonbinary authors for the 2019 Read Harder Challenge? Grow your TBR with works by these excellent writers.

Trans SFF for Transgender Day of Remembrance

Science fiction and fantasy by trans authors and about trans experiences, for Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Affirming Trans Books For Trans Visibility Day And Beyond

Uplifting books that affirm trans and queer identities.

Language Is So Queer

One trans reader on picking up a book about trans lives and written by trans authors, but full of outdated language.

BATGIRL #45: Alysia’s Wedding and Grayson’s Butt

Ongoing Transphobia in Justice League 3001

Batgirl: Transgender Representation and the Power of Words

Trans Books For Fans of Transparent

3 On A YA Theme: Trans* Experiences and Identities