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18 Toni Morrison Quotes on Love, Race, and Literature

18 excellent Toni Morrison quotes.

Toni Morrison and RIVERDALE

On the inclusion of the work of Toni Morrison, Betty's literary hero, in Riverdale.

5 Books To Read When You’re Full of Angst

Angst got you down? Maybe these books can help you.

Searching for Myself in the Books of My Youth

A reader on the childhood books that made her feel seen as an introverted, mixed, ever-moving person.

Books to Keep You Afloat: My Most Important Book of 2015

The most important book of 2015, Between the World and Me, as a personal lighthouse. 

Confessions of a Bad Librarian

A bad librarian confesses: I don't read what I check out.

The Definitive Guide to Picking Up Women at a Bookstore

First, walk up to the bookstore clerk and say, “Hello, can you direct me to Toni Morrison.”

A Father Introduces His Newborn Daughter To Books

Dear Matilda. It’s your dad here. The one without the milk... What better way to start parenting (beyond feeding you) than introduce you to books

BELOVED (Not American History) Taught Me About the Horrors of Slavery

On being Black, Toni Morrison's BELOVED, slavery, and history class.

I Learned More about Slavery from Fiction than Public Education

What I learned about American slavery from fiction.