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20 Must-Read Feel-Good Science Fiction Books

These 20 feel-good science fiction books will suit different tastes and moods, but they’re all comfort food of some variety.

5 of the Best Romantic Time Travel Novels

Here are five upcoming 2020 time travel and romance novels that explore the ways timing plays into romantic relationships, rather than just fate.

20 Must-Read Time Travel Books

Time travel books have it all: adventure, historical fiction, romance, social commentary, mystery, humor, poetry. Enjoy these must-read time travel books.

Reading Pathways: Nina Allan

Get into these mind-bending, time traveling, magical Nina Allan books by way of this reading pathway curated by a fan of her catalog.

3 Time Travel Books to Get Mixed Up In

Time Travel Books: Characters that are out of their own time, loved ones left behind (or forward) in time, paradoxes. The angst goes on and on.

7 Of The Best Time Travel Books For When You Want An Alternate Timeline

Did some fool time travel and step on a butterfly, putting us in this messed up reality? Because these books have shown us alternate timelines can happen.

Comics = Time Travel

Because of the way comics are structured and laid out, reading them is a form of time travel.

41+ of Your Favorite Time Travel Books

We asked Riot readers to share what their favorite time travel books were. Here's a round-up of over 41 favorite time travel reads.

Riot Recommendation: What’s Your Favorite Time Travel Book?

Come tell us your favorite book featuring time travel!

Read This, Then That: The Love That Split the World and Other Unique Time Travel Books

In Emily Henry’s debut Young Adult novel, The Love That Split the World, we’re introduced to a young girl that ...

The Flash 01×16 – Rogue Time

Each week Panelteers Chris and Ali have broken through the very fabric of time to bring you their commentary on ...

Genre Kryptonite: Women Who Time Travel

This is a guest post from Maddie Rodriguez. Maddie has her MA in English Literature from the University of Victoria. ...

Genre Kryptonite: Time Travel

Picture it: A nineteen year old girl, studying abroad for the summer. Her entire cohort has traveled by bus to ...