Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

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9 Itty Bitty Literary Crafts

We can all pack up and go home, because Kati Galusz just won literary crafts for crocheting the ENTIRE HOUSE ...

Page to Podium: Oscar Reads, Part 2

Continuing our Oscar Reads feature of the nominated films with literary connections, here’s a look at the non-Best Picture-nominated movies. ...

Watch Gollum Take On Smeagol in an Amazing Rap Battle

Happy weekend! [youtube][/youtube]

Why THE HOBBIT Turns Me into a Sullen 8th Grader

All this talk of The Hobbit, now that the movie is out, has turned me back into the sulky, sullen ...

Watch Kids React to THE HOBBIT

Because you stayed out late last night seeing the premiere. And because it’s adorable. [youtube][/youtube]

My Preciousssss: 8 Hobbit-Tastic Gifts

It’s almost time to go there and back again. To cross over the misty mountains cold and fight dragons and ...

Watch the First Official Clip from THE HOBBIT

Bilbo, meet Sting. Only 40 seconds, but Gandalf throws down some profundity. That guy! Whaddya think?

Man Turns Living Room Into Hobbit Hole…Using Balloons

Some things you just have to see for yourself. Behold:

Everything’s Better With Hobbits: Watch Air New Zealand’s Middle Earth-Themed Safety Video

You know the scenery shots in the Lord of the Rings films had you pining for a trip down under. ...

Watch the New TV Spot for THE HOBBIT!

What’s the opposite of “I don’t need to see the movie because they put everything in the trailer?” THAT. What ...