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Comic vs. Book: THE HOBBIT

In this series, I'll be comparing classic novels to their illustrated counterparts. Today, let's look at THE HOBBIT.

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Why I Hate The Hobbit

How an awful experience reading the book in school turned one reader into a Hobbit-hater.

Exploring the First Cover of THE HOBBIT

The Hobbit was originally published in 1937 by George Allen & Unwin. This original cover of The Hobbit, featuring a stylized mountain landscape with simple coloring, is Tolkien’s original artwork. Here's how it changes over the years.

The 15 Best Songs + Poems from Middle-earth

I love the stories of Middle-earth with all my heart and soul and I love that song and verse plays such a large role in these stories.

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The 37 Best Lines from The Hobbit

The best of The Hobbit, to celebrate the anniversary of its publication

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