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Reading Pathways: Donna Tartt

Get into the works of Donna Tartt, author of THE SECRET HISTORY, THE GOLDFINCH, and more, with this handy reading order guide.

5 Long Books That Will Feel Way Too Short

Long books can look a challenge, but when it comes to world building and character sketching, nothing beats a nice, long narrative.

Literary Food Blogs: An Introduction

This article offers an introduction to the beautiful, fascinating, and delicious world of literary food blogs.

December Book Adaptation News

1. The BBC, along with Brontë Film and TV, is set to adapt the J.K. Rowling/Robert Galbraith crime novels. The ...

Literary Tourism: Las Vegas, Nevada

It's not only strip clubs and gambling in Las Vegas, Nevada. Promise. Somewhere within that place of extremes, there are also books.

Be Gone, Sanctimonious Defenders of the Supposed Literary Canon

Get your rotten vegetables ready, hipsters, cynics, and sanctimonious self-professed defenders of what you view as the literary canon. This ...

If Heavy Metal Lyrics Were Book Blurbs, Vol. 2

As we’ve learned (maybe to the surprise of many), heavy metal and literature have a rather intimate relationship. To review: ...

Guess a Book By Its Cover 2: A Quiz

Put your book cover skills to the test and try to guess the cover from the image, then check your ...

Our Favorite Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels

Love it or hate it, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. (Personally, I LOVE ...

On Long Sentences

I love long sentences; ever since I moved beyond the Berenstain Bears, I’ve adored a sentence bristling with commas and ...