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5 Comics and Graphic Novels to Read if You Love THE EXPANSE

Screaming Firehawks: have you watched all nine episodes of our beloved THE EXPANSE? At a loss for what to do until S5 drops? I have some comics for that.

Why Readers Should Be Angry About SyFY Cancelling The Expanse

SyFy has cancelled 'The Expanse," one of the best sci-fi shows (from one of the best space opera series) in the 'verse. This is a Bad Thing, even if they do find it a new home. Here's why.

Women in Genre Fiction: What to Read While You Wait For Book Seven of THE EXPANSE

How to get your lady-centric, genre-fiction fix while you wait for more Naomi Nagata, Chrisjen Avasarala, and Bobbie Draper in book seven of THE EXPANSE.