Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

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A Conversation with Tayari Jones, the 2019 Independent Bookstore Day Ambassador

We had a chat about indies, regional literature, and more with Tayari Jones, who was named this year's Independent Bookstore Day Ambassador.

What’s Your Earliest Reading Memory? Tayari Jones Wants to Know

When Tayari Jones asked Twitter to share their earliest reading memory--memories of reading or being read to--readers rose to the occasion.

I Flew South To Read By The Sea

On the restorative powers of a reading vacation for readers and writers both.

The Wedding and An American Marriage

So you've read and loved Tayari Jones's An American Marriage? Pick up Dorothy West's The Wedding next.

Crossover Appeal #2

Crossover Appeal is a weekly feature that challenges the idea that you have to choose a side between YA and adult ...

Forecasting the 2012 Tournament of Books

We’ve reached the half-way mark of 2012 and many around the literary web are listing their favorite books of the ...