Reading Through Rebirth: Week Three

Jess is continuing in her quest to read all of DC's #1 titles for Rebirth. It's only Week 3 -- is her enthusiasm already flagging?

6 Reasons Tyler Hoechlin Will Make an Excellent Superman

Tyler Hoechlin has been cast as Clark Kent/Superman for The CW's Supergirl. Here are five reasons this is an excellent decision.

5 Rad Piano Covers by Sonya Belousova

Check out five super rad piano covers of classic comics-related music by Sonya Belousova of Player Piano! Batman, Walking Dead, Akira, and more.

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Alice takes a close look at one act of kindness from ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.

No Context Given: Superman’s Body–Hardening

No Context Given: A Super-Powerful Non-Living Football Player

This week's edition of No Context Given.

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Alice discusses why Superman is important to her, and how she doesn't recognize the Superman depicted recently on the big screen.

Comics Fetish: Volume 74

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly dose of wallet pain. Hide (or find) your money, and browse this week's awesome finds.

Three Not So Serious Questions about BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Oh, Comics! Podcast #72: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice