The Greatest Lois Lane Story of All Time

About problematic fave SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE, a legend in the annals of comic books and one of the longest running female-led comics.


I found the Superman we need in Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru's forthcoming SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN. And I think you will too.

Solving the Superman “Problem”

Warner Brother's says they don't know what to do with Superman. I have thoughts, all of which revolve around a single idea: Let him be Superman.

What Are Superman’s Powers?

Consider Clark Kent and his myriad fascinating and baffling abilities. From flight to super disco, let's take a look at Superman's powers.

What Is the Golden Age?

The Future of Superman: Casting Ideas and More

Janelle Monae should be Superman, do not @ me.

Kid-Sized Cosplay with a Cause

Photographer Josh Rossi photographs kids with severe illnesses dressed as superheroes.

A Superman Musical Starring Chance The Rapper (Would Be Awesome)

As a musician and public persona, Chance the Rapper has everything it takes to make a great Superman. Lin-Manuel Miranda should write that Superman musical.

Superman vs. the KKK! Yes, Really.

On that time Superman fought the KKK, but in real life.

Jor-El, Kryptonian Nationalist

On the Jor-El of Alan Moore's imagination, whose Kryptonian nationalism resembles current right-wing nationalist rhetoric.