Revisiting Superman: For the Man Who Has Everything

“For the Man Who Has Everything” is a Superman story by Alan Moore that is considered a classic, but is it worthy of its praise?

First Appearance Flashback: Superman

Let's take a closer look at the debut of comics' first superhero. Consider the first appearance, and initial origin story, of Superman.

The Greatest Lois Lane Story of All Time

About problematic fave SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND, LOIS LANE, a legend in the annals of comic books and one of the longest running female-led comics.


I found the Superman we need in Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru's forthcoming SUPERMAN SMASHES THE KLAN. And I think you will too.

Solving the Superman “Problem”

Warner Brother's says they don't know what to do with Superman. I have thoughts, all of which revolve around a single idea: Let him be Superman.

What Are Superman’s Powers?

Consider Clark Kent and his myriad fascinating and baffling abilities. From flight to super disco, let's take a look at Superman's powers.

What Is the Golden Age?

You've heard about the Golden Age of comics. But what is it exactly? Jess is here to help.

The Future of Superman: Casting Ideas and More

Janelle Monae should be Superman, do not @ me.

Kid-Sized Cosplay with a Cause

Photographer Josh Rossi photographs kids with severe illnesses dressed as superheroes, in these excellent kid-sized cosplay creations.

A Superman Musical Starring Chance The Rapper (Would Be Awesome)

As a musician and public persona, Chance the Rapper has everything it takes to make a great Superman. Lin-Manuel Miranda should write that Superman musical.