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#SuperheroProblems: So You’ve Decided to Up and Quit

If being a superhero were easy, they wouldn't be too "super," would they? And so, some quit sometimes. You can hardly blame them!

#Superhero Problems: So Your Enemy is Now Your Ally

What are you supposed to do when someone you've spent the last year punching off rooftops says they'd rather be helping you do the punching?

#Superhero Problems: So Your Mentor Sucks at Their Job

Sidekicks may be a standard part of the superhero experience, but not everyone is cut out to be a mentor.

#Superhero Problems: So You Went and Wrecked the Timestream

Here are five heroes who saw the chance to rearrange a few of life's Jenga pieces by changing time — and the aftermath.

#Superhero Problems: So You’ve Run Out of Heroing Money

Relying on giant piles of money to get the job done is a fine way to do business, until those piles suddenly vanish. What's a superhero to do?

#Superhero Problems: So Someone Has Decided to Clone You

Cloning may be a rare and restricted process in the real world, but for your average superhero, it's almost as common as movie remakes.

#SuperheroProblems: So You Have to Fight a Caveman

Cavemen are still A Thing in superhero comics.

#Superhero Problems: So You Have to Fight a Pharaoh

Think pharaohs are a thing of the past? You must not be a superhero, who often find themselves in Ancient Egypt fighting an evil pharaoh.

#SuperheroProblems: So You’ve Been Turned Into a Vampire

A sudden attack of vampirism is apparently a problem that superheroes need to be aware of; here's how it often goes down.

#SuperheroProblems: So You’ve Been Invited Out to Hollywood

Almost everyone dreams of big-screen stardom at some point in their lives, and it turns out superheroes are no exception.