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Boys and Girls Wonder: Our Favorite Robins

Every comics reader who's delved into the BatVerse has a Robin Opinion. Here are three of ours.

A Brief History of Robin: Happy 80th to The Boy Wonder

In honor of his 80th birthday, a brief history of Robin.

Robins, Robins Everywhere: Fancasting The Boy Wonder’s Legacy

We're getting a new Batman so, while we're at it, how about an all new, all different BatFam? Call me, Warner Brothers. I have some ideas.

Robin Merch to Celebrate the Boy Wonder’s 80th

March 18th will mark Robin's 80th Anniversary as a member of the DC Comics Universe. Celebrate everyone's favorite sidekick with these Robin gifts.

Who Are The Bat Women? Part 2

Prev: Who Are The Bat Women? Part 1 There are more to the bat women than meets the eye. As ...

Stephanie Brown and DC’s Treatment of Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

The Art of the Start – DETECTIVE COMICS: REBIRTH (#934)

Katie Schenkel takes a look at DETECTIVE COMICS: REBIRTH and discusses why it worked so well for her.

Stephanie Brown, DC Comics, and Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

7 Comics for Veronica Mars Fans

When Veronica Mars debuted on a still young CW network back in 2004, I assumed it might just be another ...

Our Favorite Comic Characters

Over the past few weeks, #4FaveDC and #4FaveMarvel have popped up on Twitter and Facebook. The challenge is to showcase your ...

Where to Start Reading Batgirl

While we at the Panels take some time off to rest and catch up on our reading, we’re re-running some ...

Read ‘Em: When Heroes Fail

Comic books grew up around larger-than-life heroes prevailing over both real-world and super-powered villains. Captain America punched out Hitler and ...

Further Reading: Batgirl

This week, Batgirl got herself a new creative team. With Batgirl #35, Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart took on the writing ...