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Behold Our Favorite Star Wars Stuff

There are TONS of 'Star Wars' books, articles, fanfiction pieces, and comics floating around in the world. How do you choose which ones to read?

Books for the Young Padawan on Star Wars Day

Adults will be checking out the numerous movies and books, but how do you celebrate the Star Wars universe with the young Padawans? Try these excellent children's books for Star Wars Day.

A Beginner’s Guide to Star Wars Comics

Trying to figure out where to start in the vast universe of Star Wars comics? Phasma or Han Solo? Canon or old Expanded Universe? Come on in and let us help you figure out what's going on and where to begin!

The Trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story is Here!

Take a look at the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story

Quiz: Which Star Wars Book Should You Read?

Which Star Wars book is the perfect read for you? Take the agonizing decision-making process out of your hands and let this quiz decide!

A Year Without Carrie Fisher

Luke Can’t Read – How Books Betrayed The Last Jedi (Spoilers Ahead)

It's wicked irony, if it's true and characters in the Star Wars universe really can't read, because it's books that have betrayed them. Spoilers ahead!

Star Wars Quotes for The (Continued) Resistance

“We have hope. Rebellions are built on hope.”

Remembering Carrie Fisher on Her Birthday: 6 Books to Read

5 books to read on Carrie Fisher's Birthday

Comics to Feed Your Poe Dameron Needs Until December 15th

Need to fill that Poe Dameron shaped hole in your soul until THE LAST JEDI hits theaters December 15th? We have comics for that.