#spy novels

Spies in Historical Fiction from 1860 to 1975

These historical spy novels follow spies, saboteurs, and code-breakers from the American Civil War to the Vietnam War.

Playwright, Poet, Scholar, Spy: The Life of Kit Marlowe

If you know of any authors living a double life, your secret is safe with me.

Five Historical Spy Thrillers Based (In Part) On Real Events

Ever wonder what history's greatest spies really got up to? These thrilling reads take creative license to imagine up their espionage, including American Spy by Lauren Wilkinson.

7 Spy Romance Novels To Pick Up

James Bond, Mission Impossible, Mr. and Mrs. Smith? These spy romance novels will cure your thirst for secret agents, adventure and kisses.

10 Books to Read If You Like THE AMERICANS

10 Cold War novels, graphic novels, and nonfiction books to hold you over until the season premiere of THE AMERICANS.