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#Speculative Fiction

What Is Speculative Fiction?

What is speculative fiction? You may get a different answer depending on who you ask. Read on to explore this concept, along with examples.

6 Science Fiction Books About Space That Are Out Of This World

Earth can be an exhausting place, so let's look beyond our planet and explore these science fiction books about space and other worlds.

5 Fantastic Speculative Fiction Titles for Fall

Prep this year's fall TBR with these excellent speculative fiction books about terrorism, future worlds, time travel and more.

Reading Climate Fiction: Aftermaths

Climate Change and Fiction I want to be clear about what I mean by climate change and fiction in this ...

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Cuba

Read the world with these works of speculative fiction in translation from Cuban authors!

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Czech Republic

Science fiction and fantasy from Czech authors, translated into English!

Speculative Fiction in Translation: China

Excellent Chinese speculative fiction, available in English.

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Italy

Works of speculative fiction from Italian authors that have been translated into English!

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Israel

Speculative fiction has been important in Israeli literature for centuries. Here's a look at some recent releases.

5 Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines You Should Be Reading

5 Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines that will add promising new writers, innovative storytelling, and new viewpoints to your reading.

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Egypt

Sci-fi and fantasy novels in translation, written by Egyptian authors.

Speculative Fiction in Translation: France

Excellent science fiction and fantasy from French authors!

Speculative Fiction in Translation: Japan

Excellent works of speculative fiction from Japanese authors!

Read This, Then That: Tara Sim’s Timekeeper and Other Fantastic Steampunk Reads

Dig into fantastic steampunk reads.

Well Do Ya Punk? The Emerging “Punk” Subgenres of Speculative Fiction

A look at the emerging "punk" subgenres within spec fic. AKA: more books to read!