#Social Justice

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Women Warriors for Social Justice

The books include extraordinary stories by and about radical women who considered themselves to be links in the chain in the battle for social justice.

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When a reread of BLACK BEAUTY gives you actual hope for the future (even in 2018, yep). On finding social justice themes in BLACK BEAUTY.

3 On A YA Theme: Social Justice in YA Nonfiction

Sink your teeth into social justice focused YA nonfiction

3 On A YA Theme: Social Justice in YA Fiction

YA fiction taking on social justice

Social Activism Through Books

Overpopulation, sexism, racism: learn more about the problems today's world faces through these fiction novels.

100 Must-Read Books about the Law and Social Justice

Books for people who want to better understand the courts, law, and justice.

Young Adult and Middle Grade Reads From & About Countries from Trump’s Travel Ban

Middle grade and young adult books featuring the lives and stories of those from the 7 Muslim Ban countries.

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Action Item: Liberation Library

Do some good by donating to an organization that sends books to imprisoned kids.