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Very Short Stories to Devour in Record Time

Very short stories–also known as flash fiction, micro fiction, drabbles, and the like–are a delightful form of fiction. Start with these.

The Best Short Stories of All Time

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12+ Great 2022 Short Story Collections by Asian Authors

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Chaotic Neutral: Reading Short Story Collections Out of Order

We're in a chaotic world, be a chaotic reader! Reading story collections out of order can be a wonderful tool for readers and writers alike.

10 Bedtime Stories for Adults to Help You Get Some Shut Eye

With classics from Haruki Murakami, Octavia Butler, and more, these excellent bedtime stories for adults can help you wind down before bed.

Edith Wharton: Horror Writer

Edith Wharton may best be known for THE AGE OF INNOCENCE and THE HOUSE OF MIRTH, but her haunting, spectral tales are what I love the most.

Out of This World SFF Short Story Collections

Speculative fiction or SFF short story collections are out of this world (literally)! Here are 9 recommendations for you to enjoy.

What I Learned From Reading a Short Story a Day For a Month

In September, I began my Long Short Story Project, where I read a short story every day for a month. Here's what I learned.

Bite Sized Horror: Short Scary Stories Sure to Terrify You

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Short Story Collections as Portals to Literary Magazines and other Writings

Here’s how to use short story collections like The Tangleroot Palace by Marjorie Liu to discover new authors and literary magazines you’re sure to love!