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Reading For Every Type of Self-Care

Need comfort? Riling up? Want your reading to have an impact? Here are books for all kinds of self-care.

Reading is Vital to My Health

How one reader's mental and physical health is tied to reading.

Self-Care Means Reading During My Lunch Break

On the power of pausing the news to read, and of self-care as political activism.

What Rioters Read When We Need To Remember The Fight Is Worth It

Books to get you fired up or to remind you that activism is worth it.

How I Learned to Exercise Self-Care Through My Local Library

A workaholic Rioter learns to set aside her to-do list in favor of practicing healthy self-care by using her local library.

Self-Care Books for African-Americans in the Wake of Recent Tragedies

Books to read for education, escape, and comfort in the wake of recent violence against African-Americans.