Riot Headline 10 Exciting Books to Read this Summer

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A “That Girl” Reading List for Your Hot Girl Summer

That Girl knows what her goals are and is working to achieve them. Here are 9 books that can help guide us to becoming our best selves.

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16 of the Best Self-Love Books

Spend some time in your most important relationship. The best self-love books cultivate a long-lasting positive relationship with yourself.

36 Bookish Affirmations for Your Reading Journal

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10+ New Self-Help Books and How to Find More!

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20 Self-Care Books for Anxious Times

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Parenting During a Pandemic: Books That Can Help You Get Through This

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Books About Burnout and Its Recovery

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Practice Self-Care with Picture Books: 3 Titles To Get You Started

Children’s fun-filled creativity and carefree energy do wonders for my mood and many picture books encapsulate those characteristics perfectly.

Reading CUNT in Public (And Other Ways to Let Books Help You Through This Week)

After watching Dr. Christine Blasey Ford relive her trauma in the Kavanaugh investigation, one reader found solace in Inga Muscio's feminist classic.