Riot Headline COVID-19 Updates from the Bookish World

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Wesley Chu’s TAO Series is Coming to TV

Wesley Chu's Tao series is being developed for television.

11 Mugs for Sci-fi and Fantasy Readers

The pumpkin spice must flow.

Reading Pathways: Alyssa Cole

Here's where to start reading the works of romance author Alyssa Cole.

5 Webcomics with Science! And Magic!

These gorgeous webcomics are free, fun, and far-ranging: from academic science to Victorian mysteries to space westerns and beyond.

6 Powerful Women of Webcomics

These chicks are too busy kicking ass to take names! Their spec fic worlds are overrun with roaming monsters, or ...

Read Harder Recommendations: Science Fiction Comics

The Panels 2015 Read Harder Challenge consists of 26 challenge categories spanning the breadth and depth of all things that ...

That One Issue: Bitch Planet #3

My initial thoughts on Bitch Planet were cautiously optimistic. It had that Orange is the New Black vibe, but in ...

Are Science Fiction And Fantasy Actually Kissing Cousins?

“I LOVE science fiction, but I can never really get into fantasy novels.” Having just come off a year re-readathon¬†with ...