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When Championing Graphic Novels, Is It Possible To Go Too Far?

As a librarian in an elementary school, I had a brief crisis of faith about promoting graphic novels before remembering what really matters.

Top Tips For Weeding When You’ve Got 100 Other Things To Do

Weeding your library is necessary, but it's no easy task! Here are some tips from a school librarian on how to get it done.

How Dynamic Shelving Can Change Your Library

Seeing thousands of book spines lined up on shelves can be overwhelming for students or patrons. Dynamic shelving can help.

Fighting Misinformation in the School Library

The school library can play a key role in teaching students how to think critically and analyze the information being thrown their way.

Reflecting on My First Year as a High School Librarian

A librarian reflects on a year working as a high school librarian, sharing lessons learned and goals for the future.

How to Run A Successful ComiCon in Your Library

Tips, tricks, and inspiration for creating a ComiCon event in your school library.

How to Make A Literary Escape Room In Your School or Public Library

Here's a guide on escape room library challenges and how to run them in an effective way in public and school library settings.

Traveling Library Lessons: Tips for Teaching on a Cart

There are a myriad of reasons that educators end up teaching on a cart. Whatever the reason, here are some tips for teaching on the go.

11 LGBTQ Books Every High School Library Should Have

As more LGBTQ books are published each year, a few have stood out as perfectly encapsulating the queer teen experience. Here are 11 of them, like Hani and Ishu's Guide to Fake Dating by Adiba Jaigirdar.

Play in the Elementary School Library

Libraries can provide joy and relief by offering a chance to play. Here are some of my favorite ways to include play in the school library.