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Places I Look for Library Lessons

A school librarian (media specialist!) shares some of the sources she looks to for lesson ideas and inspiration.

How To Help Teens Become Great D&D Dungeon Masters

If you want to encourage a teen in your life to become the best D&D dungeon master they can be, here are some tips to help.

How To Create A School Library Podcast

Curious about creating a school library podcast? An experienced librarian-podcaster offers some tips and tricks.

What Rights Do Students Have To Access Books?

Book censorship attempts are increasing in schools, and it's more important than ever to know students' rights to access books.

The Most Popular Middle Grade Comics as Chosen by Students

The results are in: here are my students' top ten comics so far this school year, including old favorites and some surprises, like Kodi by Jared Cullum!

Passive Programming in School Libraries

Passive programming in a school library allows students a sense of ownership, a place to explore, experiment, and fail without consequence.

School Librarians are Disappearing: Here’s Why They Shouldn’t

School libraries with full-time, dedicated librarians are the hub and heart of the school, but school librarian positions are disappearing.

What To Do When a Teen Tells You They Hate Reading

A school librarian provides some strategies for what do when teenagers say, "I hate reading." Tip: try different formats and genres!

The Most Popular Manga For High School Students

A school librarian who runs a weekly manga club shares a list of the most popular manga for high school students.

How To Run A Book Award In Your School Library

If you want to start holding an annual book award as a school librarian, here are some tips from a pro!