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THE BOOKS OF MAGIC are beloved of so many readers and are about to be again. Kat Howard and Tom Fowler give us a peek into Tim Hunter's new world.

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Vertigo Comics celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they're re-booting the Sandman Universe with the help of Neil Gaiman. Take a look at the upcoming comics!

Neil Gaiman Announces New Sandman Series For Comic’s 30th Anniversary

If you spent countless hours (and hours and hours) reading through the rich and surreal world Neil Gaiman created in The Sandman comics, we've got kind of the best news. Today, Gaiman announced that a new Sandman series is on the way: The Sandman Universe.

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Several years before Neil Gaiman's American Gods, The Sandman built a similar mythos of gods trying to get by long after they've been forgotten.

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It's Election Day 2016 and OMG how is it not over? Here are some election-themed comics to get you through these last 12 hours until the votes are counted.

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Priya talks reading Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN in her younger years, and then rereading it as an adult.

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We celebrate Shelly Bond's tenure at Vertigo and lament her firing with a Shelly Bond-themed edition of Comics Fetish.

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