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Treat Yourself to These SAILOR MOON Items Just in Time for the 30th Anniversary

This year marks the 30th anniversary of this beloved anime/manga series. Celebrate with some Sailor Moon swag!

The Best Story Arcs From Manga’s Golden Age

The 1980s and '90s were great time to be a manga fan. For your retro reading pleasure, here are the best story arcs from manga's golden age.

Thank You Hulu for Making Me Read Sailor Moon Manga

On the joys of discovering the Sailor Moon Manga, thanks to Hulu.

Thank You, Naoko Takeuchi, for Sailor Moon

An homage to Naoko Takeuchi, author of Sailor Moon.

4 Magical Girl Manga to Read While Waiting for Card Captor Sakura

Excited about the new Card Captor Sakura anime? Check out this list of magical girl manga to read while you wait for the premiere.

Comics Fetish: Volume 85

Gird your wallets! Another edition of Comics Fetish, our roundup of the best geek gear from around the Internet, is here.

There’s No “Right” Way to be a Girl: Thank You, Sailor Jupiter

An open letter to Sailor Jupiter, the Sailor Scout who taught Kristina at a young age that there's no one, right way to be a girl.

Art Roundup: Sailor Moon

Art pieces, jewelry, custom toys, and cosplay, for one of our favorites: Sailor Moon. Check out the best in Sailor Moon art and pieces.

Comics Fetish: Volume 78

Check out this week's edition of Comics Fetish! Check out some merch for fans of Sailor Moon, Deadpool, Legend of Korra, and more.

Comics Fetish: Volume 74

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