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Why Not Romance Novels? Showing Respect For The Romance Genre

A reader responds to an article in Hawaii Business Magazine where a staffer said, "I’ll read anything except romance novels."

Our Favourite Literary Love Stories

For Valentine's Day, Rioters share our favorite literary love stories from books!

Reading Pathways: Anne Stuart

Where to start reading the romance novels of Anne Stuart.

Should Romance Novels Always Have Happy Endings?

Romances are often defined by their HEA, or happily ever after...but is that really necessary?

Reading Romance: Perception versus Reality

Rioter Amanda D. analyzes the difference between how the media perceives reading a romance novel and the reality of reading romance.

Why Readers of Escapist Thrillers Aren’t Marriage Material

List of reasons readers of escapist thrillers are not marriage material.

Thoughts of an RT Booklovers Newbie

Thoughts from a first-time attendee at the RT Booklovers Convention

10 Essential Reads for Romance Newbies

A look at ten romance novels that make a good starting point for new readers in the genre, including historical, contemporary, and paranormal romances.

How to Tell He’s Into You: Romance Novel Edition

A helpful guide for the romance novel heroine on whether or not guys really do like-like her or not.

Romance 101: Beta Heroes

Everyone knows the typical romance hero. Brooding, possessive, domineering. A man who pines for the heroine so hard that it ...