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10 Contemporary Romance Book Recommendations for Straight Men

These romance book recommendations for straight men have soft, sweet cinnamon roll heroes, grumpy heroes, and heroes with big personalities.

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Romance 101: Friends to Lovers

Most of us have been there. It may have been your best friend in high school, the neighbor across the street that you’d walk home with, or maybe a coworker

Romance 101: Fated Mates

Rioter Amanda D. talks about why she loves the "fated mates" trope in romance and offers up some reading recommendations.

Romance 101: Screw Your Beauty Standards

Rioter Amanda D. talks about "imperfect" romance heroines that shirk traditional beauty standards and gives some reading recs.

Romance 101: Wedding Settings

A discussion of wedding settings in romance along with some reader recommendations from Rioter Amanda.

Romance 101: Beta Heroes

Everyone knows the typical romance hero. Brooding, possessive, domineering. A man who pines for the heroine so hard that it ...